Commonly used objects are transformed into jewellery without losing their functionality. The real use of these reborn objects bears awe and a renewed openness.
Seemingly worthless objects get a new life by craftily enhancement or supplementation resulting in unexpected combinations. For example by combining empty cleaning bottles with glass plafonnières.
Objects that have become worthless are given a new identity. The empty cleaning bottles appear from under the sink and are exhibited as precious objects with a new function. Every time again the confrontation between the neglected and the valuable.

Laura Alien de Monchy

2019-2022Shoe Academy Renee van den Bergh, NL
2010-2013DHA ambachtelijk schoenmaken, Utrecht, NL
2006Cranbroock metal department, USA
1997-2002Study Jewellery Design Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
1996-1997Silversmith training, Amsterdam, NL
1995-1996Practical year by Dinny Hall, London, GB
1992-1995Goldsmith training, Schoonhoven, NL
2001Alessi, Verbana, Italy
2001Glassfactory, Dedenburg, D
2000Crossroads Meeting cultures, India
2000Textile, Laparanta, Finland
1999Knife Spoon Fork, Amsterdam, NL
2002Starter stipend, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL
2015-2022Product ontwikkeling, design voor RTS
2017-2022Armbanden collectie Rondom Baba
2020Productie glazen lampen, eigenwerk
2021Product ontwikkeling Kitsh Kitchen
2019Opening Pop-Up store
2018Producten ontwikkelt in Bali
2014Kwink Den Haag Interieur designs, NL
2013Leather interieur MG Marek Guensberg
2012Year object 2013, Friends of Modern Glass, NL
2011Wallbuttons for Ina-Matt, Stockhotel, Amsterdam, NL
2011Candleholders for Anthropolegie, New York, USA
2010Buttons for Iuno, Amsterdam, NL
2010Breadbords, Shopwindow, kookbookhandel, Amsterdam, NL
2008Lamps, Rijk van de Keizer, Amsterdam, NL
2007Jewellery, G- Star, Amsterdam, NL
2006Candleholders, museum- shop Guggenheim, Berlin, D
2005Cake cupboard, Foam cafe, Amsterdam, NL
2004Silver cutlery, private commission, Amsterdam, NL
2001Rubber boots, Jan Hanloo essay price