Laura de Monchy | DeMonchyBeads stands for beautiful, though accessible and simple objects.
Laura designs and produces tableware, jewellery, lamps and interior objects inspired by and partly incorporating commonly used objects. She turns objects with an origin in the factory into highly fashionable objects of desire by using a mix of her ingenuity, creativity and craftsmanship.

The new use of these reborn objects bear awe and inspire us to give new values to the things we daily use. Lamps made of plastic containers, cups with a base shaped by container tops, knobs made of left wood, hand-blown glass on wooden pedestals, light objects, hooks and pendants, toothbrush cutlery, porcelain and earthenware vases made from a mould of plastic containers.
After her training as a gold- and silversmith, de Monchy came into contact with the world of recycling when staying in India. During her education at the Rietveld Academy and living on an old cargo ship in the industrial city areas of Amsterdam, her current style arose, in which she transforms and designs mass-produced objects into one-off items. Useful, colorful and unrefined. Shaping the lightness in our existence.
Worth mentioning is the fact that a number of her designs also serve a social goal: Herebugu bracelets, crockery, candlesticks and her products for Return to Sender and for Hapinezz.

Laura Alien de Monchy

2019-2022Shoe Academy Renee van den Bergh, NL
2010-2013DHA ambachtelijk schoenmaken, Utrecht, NL
2006Cranbroock metal department, USA
1997-2002Study Jewellery Design Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
1996-1997Silversmith training, Amsterdam, NL
1995-1996Practical year by Dinny Hall, London, GB
1992-1995Goldsmith training, Schoonhoven, NL
2001Alessi, Verbana, Italy
2001Glassfactory, Dedenburg, D
2000Crossroads Meeting cultures, India
2000Textile, Laparanta, Finland
1999Knife Spoon Fork, Amsterdam, NL
2002Starter stipend, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL
2022Product ontwikkeling, design voor Happiness Magazine
2015-2022Product ontwikkeling, design voor RTS
2017-2022Armbanden collectie Rondom Baba
2020Productie glazen lampen, eigenwerk
2021Product ontwikkeling Kitsh Kitchen
2019Opening Pop-Up store
2018Producten ontwikkelt in Bali
2014Kwink Den Haag Interieur designs, NL
2013Leather interieur MG Marek Guensberg
2012Year object 2013, Friends of Modern Glass, NL
2011Wallbuttons for Ina-Matt, Stockhotel, Amsterdam, NL
2011Candleholders for Anthropolegie, New York, USA
2010Buttons for Iuno, Amsterdam, NL
2010Breadbords, Shopwindow, kookbookhandel, Amsterdam, NL
2008Lamps, Rijk van de Keizer, Amsterdam, NL
2007Jewellery, G- Star, Amsterdam, NL
2006Candleholders, museum- shop Guggenheim, Berlin, D
2005Cake cupboard, Foam cafe, Amsterdam, NL
2004Silver cutlery, private commission, Amsterdam, NL
2001Rubber boots, Jan Hanloo essay price